I am (or better, I will be from January 2020), an Eccellenza Assistant Professor at the University of Geneva, Department of Philosophy. I will lead the SNF-funded project, Metaphysics of Quantum Objects, which will run for 5 years.

I also work on two other projects in Switzerland: Metaphysics of Time and Its Occupants, in Geneva and  Quantities, in Lugano, USI.

I have been a Post-Doctoral Fellow and Lecturer at University of Neuchâtel, University of Urbino, and Visiting Research Scholar at University of Pittsburgh, University of California at Irvine, New York University, and University of Leeds.

I work mainly in Analytic Metaphysics and Philosophy of Physics. The core of my research—I’d say—concerns the application of formal methods (e.g. mereology, topology, dependence, location) to broad philosophical issues such as identity, composition, dependence, and fundamentality. Lately I have been doing some work in Philosophy & Literature as well.

I am a proud member of eidos, and of the Geneva Symmetry Group. My page at Geneva is here; My Academia page is here.

When I am not doing philosophy I am reading, or watching Roger Federer and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I dress in black.