The following offers a sample of stuff I write about. Links are to the published versions. Some penultimate drafts are available here.

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[2] 2014. Le Tribolazioni del Filosofare. Comedia Metaphysica, ne la quale si tratta de li errori e delle pene de l’ ’Infero (with A. C. Varzi). Laterza, Bari/Roma. ISBN 978-88-581-1089-8.

(English Translation in Progress: The Tribulacions of Philosophye. A Metaphysicall Comedye wherein ’tis Told of the Errours and the Peynes of Helle).

Edited Volumes

[1] 2014. Mereology and the Sciences (with P. Graziani), Berlin, Springer. ISBN: 978-3-319-05355-4

Selected Articles

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[32] Forthcoming. The Bound State Answer to the Special Composition Question. Philosophy of Science.

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[30] Forthcoming. On the Contingency of Universalism. Erkenntnis.

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